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Our History

Aging Smart is a group of Gig Harbor Professionals with a common goal:

Educating people to make smart decisions as they age. Believing the best results come from  proactive planning.


We offer classes on:

  • Health

  • Insurance Finance

  • Legal

  • Community Living 

  • Stay at Home

  • Safety

  • Transitions and Moving


Aging Smart Educational Workshops are available at no cost for your church, business or educational group.


We guarantee the workshops have NO sales pitches. We are a non-profit organization.  501C3 #47-3065199

The History of Aging Smart:

Aging Smart started with my need to learn more about Gig Harbor's professionals in the health, legal, community living and financial market. When I help my clients with financial funding with their home equity, I learn many various reasons why they are interested in talking about that financial option. I am a licensed reverse mortgage loan officer (NMLS #582973). Previously, I was a marketing director for an In Home Care company. Both of my careers are primarily for people approaching their retirement years or are in the middle of it. We talk about their future retirement plans, care giving, nearby relatives and home modifications, for instance. Many retirement options keep changing. A good example of changes are the alarming issues with identity theft and how to protect ourselves and the positive outlook on in-home dental and doctor care that are now available in our area. So, I felt Gig Harbor's residents needed to learn about these changes from local professionals. The fact is, the local professionals needed to learn about these various changes, too!


So, I reached out with a flyer for over forty Gig Harbor businesses covering topics I mentioned above (attached below). I invited them to meet with me at The Harvester on 1/26/2012 and talk about a network group for Gig Harbor. Almost all of them showed up! We wanted to work together and create information that could be helpful to a large majority of our clients (and for each other). We wanted to stay current on what is happening in all of our various topics.


We worked for years with workshops in Gig Harbor's: Tacoma Community College, The Lodge at Mallard's Landing, Harbor Place, Subway's TV room, Senior Center/Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Round Table Pizza, Canterwood event room and even at Bremerton's Olympic College. Then Covid happened. We recorded 80% of our lectures for our website at that time. 


Live workshops are wonderful for Q and A time during the workshops, but we felt having them on the website were beneficial for those who were not able to attend, but were still interested. They will be updated over time. 


Hope you enjoy and learn from them. 




Rebecca Rainsberger

Details on Topics:


  • Grief Counseling

  • Caregiving Mental Health

  • Dementia & Alzheimer's levels and care

  • Geriatric Care Management

  • In Home Care

  • Home Health Care



  • Long Term Care

  • Life Insurance

  • Investment Planning

  • Social Security Income Decisions

  • Bill Paying and Organizing

  • Reverse Mortgage Q & A



  • Estate Probate

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Guardianship Services

  • Durable Power of Attorney


Living Options:

  • Assisted Living

  • Independent Living

  • Memory Care

  • Adult Family Homes 

  • Continuing Care Retirement Community


  • Understand Basics

  • Enrollment

  • Changes

  • Eligibility

Medicaid and VA Benefits:

  • Medicaid Qualifications

  • VA Aid and Attendance

  • WA State Laws


Stay at Home:

  • In Home Care vs Home Health Care

  • Guard Yourself from Identity Theft

  • Reverse Mortgage Options


Transition / Downsizing:

  • Real Estate plus selling house "as is"

  • Downsizing or Re-Sizing: Organizing and moving options

  • Eldercare Placement Services

  • The Reverse Purchase Option

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